Harness the Benefits of having a carb cycling meal plan

Over the past 8 years, my fitness journey has undergone various diet transformations, but one plan has truly stood out – a carb cycling meal plan.

In the quest for a sustainable and effective diet, it’s crucial to move away from the limitations imposed by fad diets that blame and restrict specific food components. A sound dietary plan should empower the body to receive essential nutrients, drawing from a rich spectrum found in fruits, which provide vital vitamins and minerals. The pitfalls of past trends, like the fat-free diet leading to vitamin E deficiency, highlight the importance of not isolating components but optimizing overall nutrition for optimal results.

Embracing Knowledge Over Fad Diets

Carbohydrates have an irreplaceable role in fueling both cognition and physical movement. A good carb cycling plan optimizes fat loss and preserves lean muscle mass and sustains energy levels. Its supported by a wealth of studies and expert opinions, emphasizing the harmonious balance it achieves between body composition and cognitive function.

This diet stands out for its simplicity, making it easy to follow and integrate into daily life. As a result, it not only contributes to maintaining a healthy physique but also shows promise in alleviating symptoms associated with ADHD, offering a holistic and sustainable approach to nutrition.

Creating a an effective carb cycling meal plan for cutting

Creating a an effective and personalized carb cycling meal plan involves considering various factors, including your weight, height, body fat percentage, activity level, and specific fitness goals. T

This bodybuilding carb cycling meal plan is tailored for me (82 kg, 171 cm, and 10% body fat).

It revolves around 5 meals and 1 post-workout shake. I follow a consistent eating schedule, with meals every 3 hours, strategically cycling carbohydrate intake between high, medium, and low carb days.

jad ismail progress picture while following carb cycling meal plan

What should I eat on a carb cycle day

  1. Meal #1:
    • Components: 75/50/25 grams Oats flour, 5 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 50 grams fruits, and 30 grams dried fruits + nuts.
    • Preparation Tip: A delectable flan prepared by microwaving the oats and eggs, topped with fruits and dried fruits. Add saccharine and caramel essence for enhanced flavor.
  2. Meal #2:
    • Components: 200/100/100 grams sweet potato, 120 grams red meat, 150 grams legumes.
    • Preparation Tip: Optimal preparation involves baking sweet potatoes in the oven and letting them cool overnight to harness resistant starch benefits.
  3. Meal #3:
    • Components: 60/40/0 grams basmati rice, 150 grams chicken, 150 grams legumes.
  4. Meal #4:
    • Same as Meal #3 or a substitute with one scoop of protein + 250 grams 0% fat cottage cheese.
  5. Meal #5:
    • Components: Lettuce, tuna can, 1/2 avocado, 1 onion.

Measurement Explained:

The measurement “75/50/25” specifically applies to the distribution of carbohydrates within a meal. For instance Oats flour has a ratio of “75/50/25” means that you would allocate 75 grams of carbohydrates for a high carb day, 50 grams for a medium carb day, and 25 grams for a low carb day.

Preparation Tips

  • For sweet potatoes, utilize the resistant starch benefits by baking and cooling them overnight.
  • Cook legumes in the oven for 30 minutes or use frozen veggies like zucchini, carrots, and spinach.


  • Whey protein powder, preferably the most economical option.
  • Omega-3 supplements (exclude omega 6 and 9, as they are naturally present in our diet).
  • Optional: L-carnitine, garlic pills, C4 pre-workout (replaceable with black coffee).


In closing, the carb cycling meal plan unfolds as a personally tailored and sustainable roadmap to weight loss. As you weave the principles of carb cycling into your daily nutrition and fitness routine, anticipate not only physical transformations but also the enduring gift of overall well-being.

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