Ringer is still good

The show  is based on two twin sisters Bridget Kelly, and Siobhan. Sarah Michelle Gellar, plays the roles of twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan Kelly. After witnessing a murder and becoming entangled with the mob, Bridget, a recovering drug addict and former stripper, flees to New York City to assume the identity of her wealthy and seemingly perfect sister, Siobhan.

Ringer - A Gripping Tale of Twin Sisters and Identity Theft

Ringer’s Popularity Despite Modest Ratings

Although Ringer‘s popularity is still modest compared  to what  “Buffy the Vampire slayer”  had , Ringer is still  good. . It was the most downloaded show on iTunes during its first season and consistently ranked among the top-streamed shows on The CW’s online platform. The show’s international reach extended to Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America, and the Arab world, where it was broadcast on MBC4 with Arabic subtitles.

Not to mention that the show also earned four awards, including the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress for Gellar.

Ringer Season 2’s Potential Storyline

The show’s intriguing conclusion, with Bridget discovering that Siobhan is alive and in New York, left a tantalizing question mark that still resonates with fans. I really liked the first season of Ringer. I would definitely want to know what will happen next.

According to the show’s executives, the planned Season 2 storyline would have focused primarily on the present, exploring the aftermath of the sisters’ identities being exposed and their struggles to navigate their newfound lives in New York City.

Season 2: Anticipation for a Continuation

After the suspenseful conclusion of Season 1, fans eagerly awaited news of a second season, and their expectations were raised by reports that the show’s executives were planning a continuation. However, despite the positive reception and strong international viewership, The CW ultimately decided not to renew the series for a second season.


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