Niacin in Preworkout and the Unexpected Surge In Liver enzymes

Pre-workout supplements may elevate liver enzymes, a fact known but often overlooked in medicine.  If you’re working out, chances are that you already have tried preworkout at some point of your training. And though these products have personally helped me as a part of a solid diet . I want to shed the light on another side of these supplements, a side that is often overlooked by everyone.

Pre-workout supplements can elevate your Liver enzymes

Niacin and Its Crucial Functions:

Most pre-workouts contain Niacin or vitamin B3.  One of the functions of Niacine is to help during intense activity. There are rare sideffect of high dose of Niacine, but the first indicator is the flushing sensation that you feel when you take your pre-workout.

Pre-workout supplements may cause elevate liver enzymes

Here’s the problem now, you can have elevated liver enzymes by taking high dose of Niacine. So if you found out that you’re tired before your workout, and that you actually need to take a preworkout, that has Niacine. Make sure you know that it may elevate your liver enzymes. Also make sure you tell your healthcare provider. Before you send them on a wild goose chase.

Insights from Scientific Studies

Scientific research has shed light on the correlation between high-dose niacin therapy and an increase in liver enzyme levels. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology highlighted this phenomenon, particularly in individuals with high cholesterol levels.

Does preworkout cause liver damage?

A higher dose of niacin correlated with elevated liver enzymes. However, it’s noteworthy that this elevation is typically mild and reversible once niacin therapy is discontinued.

Still Individual responses to niacin vary, and some may be more sensitive to its effects on liver enzymes than others.

The Vital Importance of Disclosing Supplement Use

Niacin is unquestionably a valuable addition to pre-workout supplements. Yet, if blood work uncovers elevated liver enzymes, it’s crucial to notify your healthcare professional that your pre-workout could be the culprit. Individual responses to niacin vary; some may be more sensitive to its impact on liver enzymes. Just as certain brands may include ingredients that either contribute to or prevent the elevation of ALT and AST levels.

If you enjoyed this article and are passionate about nutrition, I recommend “Nutrition Made Clear” by Roberta H. Anding.


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