UltGate has garnered widespread recognition from major news organizations worldwide, with notable quotations and mentions. Below, I’ve compiled a list of our media appearances categorized by respective outlets.

Media Mentions and Appearances


  • Lel Nacher Episode Feature 2015: Jad Ismail’s appearance on Lel Nacher, exposing bugs in payment methods in over 55 companies. View the Episode
  • Al Ain Bel Ain, 2018: A follow up on my online security research and what happened after it Watch the interview


  • Cloud961 2015: I made a guest appearence as an editor in Cloud961, my article titled “Make A Change“. Which shed a spotlight again on poor security practices in Lebanon.
  • Chongo 2019: I was featured in “Beirut is burning| edition of the mag.

Making Headlines

UltGate has been at the forefront of uncovering and sharing transformative stories. Our investigative journalism and in-depth tech blogging have not only garnered attention but have also sparked important conversations. Here are some highlights:

  • The Hidden World of Instagram Videos: A groundbreaking exposé revealing over a million hidden porn videos on Instagram, cleverly masked under Arabic hashtags. This story was featured in over 55 news publications, showcasing our commitment to uncovering the truth.