Last modified:
April 21, 2017

About Jed Ismael

Jed Ismael (born January 5, 1992) is a Lebanese hacker, and YouTube vlogger, and blogger. As of March 2014, he has hacked more than A Lebanese Bank Live on TV, along with several other huge companies, like Bank Audi, Middle East Airlines and Grand Cinemas. Jed used Man-In-TheMiddle attack, to fool their systems and manipulate the data transferred between them and the banks.

Jed Ismael Lelnasher tony khalifeh

In addition to his regularly updated blog, Ismael has recently become involved in YouTube, to become among the first Youtubers in the Middle East.

He is the first Lebanese to hack banks on TV, along with 50 other companies. His article about Viber, went viral in the Arab World. In the article Jed linked Viber’s founder history, with the Israeli-Arab Conflict.

You can find Jed on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,  and Instagram.

About UltGate

UltGate, launched in 2010, is a technology and how-to blog. This is the most strange tech blog you will ever see, as Jed tends to mix all parts of his life in this Blog.