Beware from fake physic Pasqualina Personal Horoscope

Physics and horoscopes are just new ways to rip you off.

Beware of ‘Your Free Personal Horoscope by Pasqualina’ – it’s a trap!

I subscribed to for a year for free psychic readings. Initially, it seemed like each reading was uniquely tailored for me. However, it became apparent that the site’s owners didn’t have a diverse range of fake readings.

Eventually, Pasqualina ran out of new content to send me. She began resending old emails with updated dates. Here’s how their system works: you sign up for free readings, and the system bombards you with generic readings (the same for everyone). It continually prompts you to subscribe, claiming the offer is specially made for you.

This is nothing but a scheme to siphon off your money. Pasqualina isn’t the only site engaging in this scam. Many others promise unbelievable rewards to deceive you into parting with your cash. Remember, if someone truly knew how to make millions, they wouldn’t share their secret with the world.


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