Free In-App purchases and Magazine Purchases for iOS 9

Sick of paying for your in-app purchases ! PAY NO MORE! A Russian developer was able to find a loophole in Apple’s App Store that lets users make free in-app purchases. Hack works fine with iOS 7, I tried using it with Temple Run 2, and Flow Free. iOS 6/ iOS 7 :

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how secure is your mobile!?

Our privacy is being invaded by our mobiles .With the availability  of millions of applications everyday , and the competition between mobiles company to promote their operating system , we have  lost our  privacy; most of the application have access to your files , messages ,call history , and even contacts. Maybe the most obvious example is the application under the name “true caller”, you think they have created this application to help you look-up some numbers!? Of course not ! Once this application is installed , without your permission or even notifying you , it will take all of your contact’s information to the application’s server, and make it available for other people.

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Iphone is expected to pull all the subscribers from Blackberry

Iphone is expected to pull all the BlackBerry service subscribers from RIM. Even though BlackBerry doesn’t have as much applications and games as iPhone, blackberry was able to keep competing with iphone  thanks to its messaging service. Although this service is expensive , blackberry was able to retain a big number of subscribers. However BlackBerry is expected to lose its subscribers because of the new iPhone iOS, iOS 5,which have  a new messaging application similar to bbm called ” iMessage ” , iMessage allows iPhone holders to send unlimited free text,photo,audio and video messages. iMessage is a built in application , that works over wifi or regular mobile data plan.

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mobile applications sued for privacy abuse

As we started in ultimategate to warn you from whatsapp privacy abuse , whatsapp application is not the only mobile application (blackberry/nokia/iphone)breaking your privacy and sending your personal information to advertisers,and other developpers without your permission. Recently a complaing  was filled in the  United States District Court for the Northern District of California. against  The developers of the following apps : Pandora,, Toss It, Text4Plus, The Weather Channel, Talking Tom Cat, and Pimple Popper Lite  for privacy abuse.

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