UltraSurf download to unblock any site anywhere!

For 7 years now, Ultra Surf served millions of users from over 180 countries, if you’re stuck at your work, school or university, Ultra Surf Is the best proxy software to bypass and open all the blocked sites.
UltraSurf proxy will help you unblock any site anywhere! Simply download unzip and run

Ultra Surf Is the best proxy software to bypass and open all the blocked sites. Free UltraSurf download to help you unlock any site anywhere. Continue reading

how to use wordpress as a proxy

How many times have you were unable to access a website at school or work, because your IT administrator blocks it? Many free tools are available online to help you bypass the restriction like UltraSurf, but this tools are often supported by ads. If you want to be able to surf the internet smoothly you definitely have to have your own proxy. If you’re advanced user, refer to my article about installing your own vpn, otherwise here’s a very easy way to have your own proxy within minutes. How to transform your WordPress installation into a proxy:

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How To Use Google as your Own Online Proxy Server For Free

Since you can’t stop the NSA from tracking you just like you can’t stop Miley Cyrus from shocking you, you can make NSA’s job harder. Many ways are available to help you, you can always use Ultra Surf or get your own VPN but if you’re looking for a portable proxy website to help you access blocked sites without using applications or even having access to your computer’s setting (like at work or school) you should get your own proxy server for free. What is a proxy server? A proxy server is an intermediary computer that is between the user’s computer and the Internet. It can be used to help you protect your privacy, or even access blocked websites.

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FreeGate the fast and free Anti-censorship proxy download

FreeGate is a free Anti-censorship proxy , that help user to view websites blocked by their governments or Internet Providers.With secure and fast Internet access FreeGate is one of the best proxy tools . With over 150 million user visit  ,  this application is popular all around the world  ,specially  China and the Middle East . This application does not require installation , and it can be simply used by downloading and opening the file. Your IE browser will launch and open the Dynaweb homepage.

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Android proxy application Orbot!

The rise of censorship and surveillance definitely  threatens our  personal freedom and privacy.  Most of us are being monitored 24/24 , people are getting arrested because of what they share on twitter , Facebook , and even msn !! Proxy software prevents your internet activity from being monitored , hides what sites you visit from your service provider , and  prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location . Computer user are lucky to find many proxy software such as UltraSurf , a light free proxy application . Orbot is  a free proxy software , designed for  Android devices.

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