The Best Three Gyms in Beirut Lebanon

When it comes to getting in shape, you have lots of options in Beirut. You definitely want a gym close to you so you’ll actually go to it, but also one that has the amenities that make you want to go to it.  After an exhaustive inspection of the city’s fitness centers,I confidently can compare the  city’s 3 best gyms in Beirut. 3.LifeStyles FITNESS REPORT CARD Traffic  D The gym is located at Ras Beirut, and You will have to drive though Bliss’s traffic to get to the gym.

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Liban Post Couldn’t Care less about you or your shipments!

Greed has got into LibanPost management, when the number of shipments from outside Lebanon rose the last few years. People got sick of paying too much for stuff in the Lebanese market while they can get pretty much the same goods for a much lower price online. LibanPost holding shipments, they simply don’t have time for you! A lot of my friends have not received what they have ordered from AliExpress  4 months ago. Rumors is that LibanPost are not delivering shipments over 130$ because they want a commission.

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Apple’s iTunes Charged me 2.99$ For A Free Application

Two days ago, I downloaded a free application on my iPhone, called “The Whole Pantry”.  I’ve been using  iTunes store for years now, and I am a very satisfied customer. But Few hours ago, i received a receipt charging me 2.99$ for this application, while the application is listed for free, and the only in-app item is for 1.99$.

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