How to Instagram fake likes

In this post, i will be sharing with you How to spot Instagram Fake Likes and how to grow your profile for real.

How to spot profiles with fake likes and followers on Instagram

Follow these rules and you will be able to properly identify those who use fake likes on Instagram:

  • People who are getting fake likes, are generally iPhone users. Basically because Google Play bans all the likes application, while iphone Apple store allows them
  • Pictures with fake likes have almost no interactions, the number of the comments should be at least 2% of the number of likes, so if a picture has 2000 likes it should at least have 40 comments.
  • Those who use fake likes, will usually get a 1000 likes the first hour or couple minutes, and the number stays the same the next day and the day after. To explain how instagram works, the more likes the picture gets , the more change this picture is going to show to more people and go viral. So it’s not logical for a picture to have 1000 likes the first 2 hours and 10 the next 22 hours, unless the first 1000 were fake.
  • All their pictures have around the same number of likes

How to get fake likes on Instagram

I believe in honesty and integrity. That the work itself, and the people that really care about it, are more important than the number of likes or attention that it gets. But for the sake of exposing how these scammers are getting free fake likes here’s how.

  • On your iPhone go to this link
  • download the app
  • sign in with your instagram
  • and you will be able to get free daily bonus just by signing in
  • Then, search apple store for more similar apps with fake likes, and i bet that you can find at least 10, if each gives you free 50 daily likes, that’s 500 likes, in 5 minutes everyday

That’s only one way….

The previous sections only explains one way of getting fake followers. Truth is, scammers are getting better each day at faking likes and followers and also in tricking people to follow them.

Another way, is that they use bots to like and follow certain accounts based on certain hashtags, and after they get followed back they un-follow these accounts.

But wait, do you really need fake likes when you can actually grow your Instagram

Fake likes, will surely make your profile look more popular, but they wont get your brand or you anywhere. You will not really know what people like from your posts, and you will never be able to reach those who you are really meant to reach.

The proper way to use Instagram, is to switch to Instagram business, so that you can get access to analytics about your posts and your followers, and so that you can know what people are really excited about and what they’re not.

The real secret to grow your following, is to know your niche, your audience and to know what they really want to see.