Pegasus bug prevents users from booking

There’s nothing better than low-fare flights. in recent years many airlines companies started offering cheap rides from the MENA region to Europe. Personally I don’t mind saving money on my ride whenever it’s possible. So over the last few years I was using Pegasus airline frequently. Until, they launched their new website. I try to buy a ticket through Pegasus online to find out that their booking system is broken. In details, Pegasus has recently launched a new loyalty program and a new website, but they somehow forgot to test it. Broken websites is what got me to write about security in the first place, I am not going to address any security flaw in my posts.But, I want to highlight this incident, because the way Pegasus responded to this problem was really unprofessional.

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So, i log in to my account tried to buy the ticket. But every-time i reach the passenger information page, I am blocked from changing my number to anything other than Turkish numbers. Since, I am a senior web developer, I know my way around bugs and browsers. I tried booking using different browsers and computers but it didn’t work.

I reached out to Pegasus support and twitter account and even send a video of the booking attempt. After many messages from my side, and few days of waiting they denied that the bug ever exists.  Today I find out that the bug was been fixed without giving me credit for helping them, or even responding properly to my messages.

I managed to buy a ticket for one of my trips with them, but for my next trip i had to change airlines and pay more because their system was broken.