making my diet harder made me overeat and gain weight

I started following my friend’s diet by accident. I started seeing amazing results in no time. So i did some changes, and i continued following the diet plan that helped finally get my abs. Soon, I got greedy, so I started cutting meals and calories from my diet. I thought it will lead for faster results.  Yet although I lost weight fast in the beginning, I always ended up overeating and gaining even more weight than I lost.  Every single night, I woke up staving and ate everything I see.

I was at 81Kg, now i am back to 83 kg. Though I gained some muscle mass, I also gained back some body fat. My abs are less visible as you can see in the picture below.



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Eating less doesn’t mean losing more fat.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Though cutting calories is necessary to lose weight, cutting too much calories will stress out your body and lead to unstoppable cravings.  Instead of doing that,  I can easily follow the same diet to keep getting results.

What I am doing now instead:

According to the 2 books that i am reading; “The Keto Reset Diet ” and “Own the Day, own your life”, you should remove carbs from breakfast and add fats and protein instead. So, i replaced the oats and fruits in my Flan, with one more egg yolk and Spinach.

The thing is that to succeed in anything in life, you have to have patience and dedication. Sometimes you will fail, and fall behind. It doesn’t mean that you have failed for good, it just means that you need to make smarter and wiser efforts. When it comes to diet and working out, the internet and fitness market in particular is already flooded with false information, it’s really hard to trust anything these days.  I started blogging about my fitness journey, to keep track of my efforts and hopefully help anyone going through the same struggle.