Overate? Here Are The Things I Do to Get Back On Track after overeating

It’s Friday, i am literally exhausted, and craving all kind of delicious junk food. So, I start with chocolate donuts, follow it up by a cheese bagel, then chocolate, and just when i thought that my craving stopped, I ate a large caramel popcorn. I was 79.5 kg before weekend, Sunday I had gained 2.5 kg from all the junk i ate on the weekend. My name is Jed Ismael, and i am a junk food addict, You can all raise your hands now, cause we’ve all been there. But It’s really not the end of the world, If i can  really jump back on the track in a couple days, so can you. Today Tuesday i am back to 80kg. Here are the things that i do to get back on track after overeating.

To counteract the gain, i have to lose 2.5 kg of fats, each kg is around 7000 calories. But, each grams of carbohydrates that you consume make you gain 3 grams of water.  So,  that’s  around 0.5 grams of fats  and 3500 calories that i have to lose.

I removed one of my meals

Instead of following my diet and  eating 5 meals , i started eating 4 meals, increasing the time between meals between 3 hours to 4/4.5 hours. Each of my meals is 500 calories. Over 3 days that’s 1500 calories in deficit.

Reduced the carbs intake

I also cut in half the amount of carbs that i was eating in the remaining meals, since 4 of my meals have carbs, that’s around 400 calories per day and 1200 calories  in total  that in deficit.

More vegetables and water

I have to admit it, following a strict diet and eating less is way harder that it seems, you always end up hungry. But there are steps that you can do to make it easier, i slightly increased the vegetables amount in my meals. And made sure to drink 2 cups of water before each meal to fill my stomach.

Chewed sugar free gums

Another trick that i did is chewing gum whenever i was super hungry and it wasn’t time for my meal yet, it tricked my brain into thinking that i am eating.

Things you can still do

  • increase your cardio duration ( 1 hour of walking is around 200 calories)
  • try intermittent fasting for a day or two
  • add an extra day of bodybuilding and cardio to your schedule ( around 500 calories)
  • drink more black coffee ( to raise your metabolism)
  • add spicy pepper to your meals ( to raise your metabolism)
  • replace a meal with a protein shake

Overeating is bad, but not the end of the world

Overeating is bad, and should be avoided,  you should check the reasons that are leading you to overeat and solve them. In my case, one cheat meal would’ve been enough, and would’ve not caused any harm to my progress. But i am a stress eater, and i had a couple rough days. With the extra measure that i am taking, i will be back on track by the end of the week. I am already 0.5 kg away from doing that.

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