Fitness Park Diderot Paris Review

I’ve been traveling around Europe for the past 2 weeks, and since im on the road for a long time, I am not able to miss my workout schedule. I’ve been buying daily gym passes in the cities that I visit. And in the next week I will reviewing some gyms from Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. Today I will start with my review for Fitness Park Diderot Paris.

After many online searches, I was able to grab two daily passes on gymlib,  for 8€. The gym was near to my house, had all the machines, very slow staff, and a lot wait time on the machines. Here’s my detailed review for Fitness Park Diderot Paris.

Fitness Park Diderot

Fitness Park Diderot Paris Review

Branches A The gym has the most locations among the other selections, one membership (can grant) grants you access to all
Gym Size A  This gym is one of the biggest in Paris.
Waiting time to train C Although there is a wide selection of machines, you can expect at least 5 minutes  waiting time for each machine
Trainers  C Trainer wont help you unless you buy a personal training session, Haven’t noticed any trainer though.
Weekends and Holidays A The gym is open on weekends and most of the holidays.
Locker room B It’s super crowded, and you have to bring your own lock with you.
Cardio machines B  All high-quality, waiting time is a bit annoying.
Weights A- Good
Customer service C Customer service is super slow, it took me around 25 minutes to present my gympass and enter.
Price/affordability A The daily pass and the monthly subscriptions are super cheap compared to others and to the services provided.

Overall Satisfaction:B +

Though  I am not a big fan of waiting for my turn to workout, I Would say that it’s a good place to workout, if you avoid peak times.