How I scored my first free Airplane ticket

I discovered my passion for travel last summer when I went on a trip to Barcelona. I was blown away by the amazing experience I had, and I decided to start writing travel posts. But traveling is very costly, specially that I am still a student, and I have a lot of bills to pay.

UltGate has been a tech blog for over 5 years now, although it featured many other topics, they weren’t as successful as my “how to tech” posts.   I’ve learned over the years that the secret to success is passion, as long as you have passion for your work, you will succeed.  Passion empowers you, and enables you to find your way through anything.  So After I finished writing my first travel post about Barcelona I started Googling how I can get help, and how I can become a travel blogger.

So If you’re looking to get support with your travel blog, the very first step is to find out who is currently working with bloggers, and who is ready to invest time and resources to help them.

In my case, i decided to reach out to MEA Airlines.  They were the only company in Lebanon that actually welcomed me with open arms when I did my security research in 2013. Although back then they were one of the biggest companies that I’ve reached, they were the only ones to actually dedicate time for me, and the only ones to actually offer me a job.

I’ve reached out to MEA airlines asking them to provide me with a ticket to Paris. I honestly didn’t expect them to accept, but there’s no harm in trying and failing.

A week after I sent the email requesting a ticket, MEA actually sent me a round-trip ticket to Paris!  And they didn’t stop at that, my trip dates weren’t finalized yet, and I requested to change them more than 3 times. Which they gladly did. I ended up traveling to Paris and Brussels in October, thanks to MEA Airlines.

If I can do it, anyone can do it. When you’re trying to become a travel blogger you should make use of whatever assets that you have. Although I am not a travel blogger yet, I am an established blogger with a decent number of daily visitors, mentions in worldwide media and followers on Instagram. You don’t have to have a million followers to start, you only have to be passionate about what you’re doing, and everything else will fall into place.