Al Jadeed Lebanon steals “What Would You DO”

Back in December 2015, I highlighted the importance of a US Show called “What Would You do”, and how necessary it is for us to have a similar show in the Arab World . I was shocked last week to find out that Al Jadeed stole the show concept, and named it ” MIch inta// Not You” without reference to the original program or my post ( no need to thank me!).

what would you do

In summary,  “Using hidden cameras, host John Quiñones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with dilemmas. Various scenarios are created that force people to either step in and make a change or just walk away. There are episodes about bullying, family problems, cheating husbands, and even many discrimination situation.”


In the post published in December 2015, I urged the Arabian TVs to do a similar program to  educate people on how to react when they see unfairness and cruelty going on with other people.  Around a year after my post, in October 2016 Al Jadeed started airing “Not you”, an exact copy of the original show, without reference to the original show or me for their inspiration.

Below you will find a link to One of Al Jadeed’s episodes, the original show and my post.

My post  : What Would You Do If She’s Not A Virgin

Here is an episode from AlJadeed’s version :

Original Show: