How To Bypass JailBreak detection and get free in-app purchases


Ever dreamt of buying all these expensive items in your favorite app? You don’t really need to pay – the greatest things in life are free.Bypass jailbreak detection apps

The idea is simple, a Russian hacker created a cydia tweak to fool apps and send a fake payment receipt to the apps.  iOS devs can easily verify the validity of the receipt and fix their apps, yet you’ll be surprised how many apps are still not verifying the validity of the receipts.

The tweak has been out for years, and You can still enjoy a lot of in-apps purchases for free.

How it works:

In fact, the tweak uses one of the oldest ways to fool payment systems. It’s the same way I used 3 years ago to prove the vulnerability of over 55 Lebanese websites.   Development companies can make the best apps , offer the best features and still fail at  basic security.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install in-app purchases tweak, and how to bypass jailbreak detection apps.

Installing the Free-inApp tweak:

  • After Jailbreaking your device, go to Cydia > sources and add ””
  • Wait till cydia loads the source, then install the inside tweak.
  • After installation go to Settings >> General >> LOCALIAPSTORE and enable it
  • if you need further help, click here for the Full guide

Now all you have to do is to start a purchase inside your fav app, and click cancel when you’re requested for your Apple-Store pass. Applications without receipt validity checking will simply give you your purchases for free.

Unless they have a jailbreak detection feature installed, in this case we’ll have to install a jailbreak hidden tool. 

  • go back to Cydia >> sources and add “”
  • install the inside tweak inside the source.

No further steps required.  You will now be able to fool your apps into thinking that your iOS device is not jailbroken.


Is your app hack-able? Don’t sweat it. Before panicking you should know that although this is a common bug in iOS apps, patching it is very easy and not expensive at all. The truth is there is no such thing as failure. In fact, with the right attitude, repeated flops make success inevitable. If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.