Time-Management tips to Fit Fitness into your busy schedule

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These days just about everyone feels rushed, with not enough time to workout or diet. One of the hardest struggles I have to face is to balance between work, my personal projects, university and my training. I am a full time Lead Developer, a part time student, and I have my personal projects running. I work  and study for an average of 12 hours on week days and I sleep for 8 hours,  leaving about 4 hours  per day to do everything else, which is not sufficient to workout, prepare my meals, and organize my stuff, that’s why I came up with these few time-management times to fit fitness into my busy schedule.

Time-Management tips to Fit Fitness into your busy schedule

Time-Management tips to Fit Fitness into your busy schedule

Prepare your meals on weekends

The first challenge is to prepare your meals, and make sure you’re eating right as much as possible. The main trick is to prepare your meals on weekends, so you save the time needed to prepare your meals on weekdays. Personally I already have a grocery list prepared and I  buy my grocery on Saturday, then I prepare all of my meals on Sunday. Which saves me a lot of time on weekdays; All I have to do is unpack my food, heat them, and eat them

Plan your meals

The second challenge is to prepare a schedule for your meals, and to stick to your plan. One of the easiest tricks available is to use Google Calendar as your diet Planner. You only have to set your schedule your meals once per week or month, and Google Calendar will send you notifications to your mobile and/or your email to remind you of each meal on time.

Find a gym that opens on weekends, and Plan your workouts around your schedule

The third challenge is actually trying to fit your workout schedule into your busy week, and you can simply do that by subscribing to a gym that opens on weekends. Doing that will give you two extra days to workout, so you will only have to train 2-3 days on your weekdays. All you have to do now is to plan your remaining workouts around your free time.

Keep an emergency Meal with you

One of the hardest obstacles that you will face,is that  even if you plan all of your meals you will still face some situations where you can’t stick to your plan, and that’s why you need a fast emergency meal to save you. You can keep a protein bar(low in carbs), or even some dried fruits with you, to save you from eating unhealthy alternative. However the emergency meal type really depends on your fitness goal.

Personally i keep with me 2 protein bars, and a peanut butter jar to help me in these situations!

Plan your caffeine beverage!

Caffeine is a huge part of our lives, it gives us a boost of energy throughout our day, however drinking too much caffeine will increase its effect on your body.That’s why you should only drink caffeine when you really need it. For example, a cup of coffee is good to boost your energy in the morning,  and right before your workout, so drinking caffeine at any other time will actually do more harm to you than good. You can always replace coffee with tea during the day, it can still give you an energy boost but it still  has way less caffeine than coffee.

Keep your self motivated

The hardest part in doing anything in life is staying motivated and committed. And doing that is very hard at the beginning. here are some simple trick is to stay motivated:

  • remind your self of your goals, and the reasons you want to be fit in the first place
  • keep track of your progress
  • follow bodybuilders that inspire you on Instagram
  • share your progress and goals with your friends, family and other people so that they give you more motivation.
  • train with a gym-partner
  • share your progress on Instagram ( i personally do that and it gives me a lot of positive energy and motivation)

These are the most important tips that helps me fit fitness into my busy-schedule, but the most important thing is to remember why we’re doing that in the first place; If you remember that you will have the motivation and commitment to do anything!