Lebanese Army Pays Over 1 Million Dollars For Internet Monitoring SpyWare


I’ve been saying this for a long time now,  the internet in Lebanon is being heavily monitored. Your private messages are being monitored, that means Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Tinder and all the other internet applications and websites. Yet it seems like we finally have proof, that the Lebanese Army has paid over 1 Million dollar as a down payment for a spyware that allows them to track and spy on citizens regardless of the encryption protocol. While the use of this software is understandable, specially with the current situation, it’s still not clear why the Lebanese Government, has kept this hidden from the citizens, not to mention that the procedures and laws that defines the use of such software do not exist.




“HackingTeam” is an Italian company that sells spyware to governments. It was hacked yesterday and a 400 GB torrent surfaces with all their emails, source code and other sensitive data.

One of the invoices is addressed to the Lebanese army. Apparently they purchased “Remote Control System: Galileo”, a software that helps governments “take control of [their] targets and monitor them regardless of encryption and mobility”. Here’s a video promoting Galileo.

The invoice indicates that 1.15 million USD is only the first settlement and not the total price of the software. invoice