How Kim Kardashian Can Easily Break The Lebanese Internet


Today i was supposed to publish  about some new bugs in various Lebanese websites(again!), but I Wont do it anymore, Because it’s pointless…

In fact if Kim Kardashian came across our Lebanese websites she can easily break most of them! ( And you said she didn’t have a talent.)


the reason i started this whole series, and did that tv interview last year, was because i wanted to find a descent job. I used to work at Makhsoom and Scas( currently known as Egnyt)  as a web developer. I had just left them, because I wanted to get a better offer. Scas and Makhsoom gave me a lot of experience, and were very flexible with me. But my ego told me I deserved a better job, and I got better offers but a couple thing kept holding me back.

Unfair slavery work

When you work for an agency in Lebanon, you are expected to work 8 hours out of 9, they will have a monitoring software on your PC, and they will have cameras behind your back to make sure you’re not taking a breath and wasting any minute that you get paid for. Yet you’re expected to be available 24/7 if an emergency occurs. Fair right?

The Lack of creativity, and personal space.

Sadly most agencies in Lebanon, under-appreciate Developers. They treat them as replaceable employees, and they keep on throwing everything on them, without giving them credit. Add to it, that most agencies in Lebanon are currently selling downloaded templates and websites from the internet, so basically you can’t exercise your creativity, and you will never have a sense of accomplishment.

My TV appearance and its aftermath

After I didn’t find what I was looking for, I decided it was time to show all the agencies, and the companies that hiring a good developer is a necessity. So I did my infamous tv interview where ” i hacked a bank on tv”, and that deleted article about bugs in more than 50 Lebanese website. And I thought I will prove that their approach to developers needs a change, I was wrong.

Instead My safety was threatened…  While a rich jackass was bragging to me on how he earned his job as the CIO of one of the biggest companies in Lebanon, yet he had a BA in business, and couldn’t understand anything technical, without the help of his underpaid assistant. I guess he didn’t specify how he earned it.

The power of “nepotism”

Who you know, and which political party you follow has a huge effect on your career.  The previous sentence says a lot by it self, I won’t go into details to avoid troubles!

With that said….

One year after my appearance, most websites are still unsecured, and the development domain is still being controlled by clueless people, who don’t care about security and performance. On the other side I am still freelancing, while looking for that one good opportunity to knock my door, While working on my blog and new YouTube channel.

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