13 Replies to “Israeli Viber is spying on you”

  1. For those who looking for an alternatives of Viber…. you can try “FreePP” App which is 100 times better than Viber, It is Taiwan Origin….
    At least has nothing to do with Israeli made products

  2. You guys are ridiculous.
    Viber isn’t a spying software just because it was made by an Israeli company.
    You’d find a lot of stuff was made by Israeli companies as Israel is very technologically forward.
    Moreover, I don’t even care if someone at Viber wanted to listen to phone calls I make to my friends or family. What have I got to hide? I wonder what you do.

    1. It’s not that you care or dont
      intelligence information can easily harm your country,
      you don’t know how much info can be extracted from simple things you don’t really care about but when they are massively collected and analysed, they can be very very valuable….

      1. LOL this Viber is a piece of sh*t software, sonmoee I know installed it the other day and it sent a SMS to every single one of his contacts including myself hyping up this piece of crap and how great it was for free calls. The odd thing was the SMS was styled in a way as if he had sent it himself, when I asked him what this was about he had no knowledge of sending anything to anyone about Viber, just that he had installed this P.O.S .but Viber obviously thought they should let all his contacts know anyway. Any NO Viber fanboys i don’t work for Skype or any other company in competition with this. I would rather use Google Voice or even Skype in comparison to this Spy-ware.

    2. Dear Al, it’s not about you caring or not being secretly listened to or not. It’s about your fundamental rights. Go to live in one of these countries under dictatorship, you’ll understand why they are important for you to defend yourself. Don’t be too naive.

  3. Mr AL,
    If we’re not sure that Viber is a spying software, we wouldn’t do this article, we asked Viber team for answers.. many answers! but they were refusing to answer, it took them months on Wikipedia to write their country, they have removed it more than a thousand time, i did my self add the country and the founder and they’re ASHAMED.

  4. If it is so dangerous then why these type of apps or softwares are being provided to the peoples that too in free of cost that too in windows phone the OS that we trust the most????why???

  5. As much as I don’t want to believe that Viber is a spy app, look at the facts. While it is true that it’s one of the best apps of its kind, a few days ago, before I’d read this article, I was thinking to myself: “Why would someone offer such a good app for free?” Then I looked up on Google and found out these articles. Wake up guys, it’s about 200+ million users worldwide. Thus minimally Viber needs to support about 1 million users simultaneously. It needs huge data centers. Where does Viber get those millions of dollars to stay alive? Because Whatsapp has the subscriber. LINE has in app store, other apps sell VOIP. But this one sells nothing. Not even ads. And there’s no way to apply for a job. Sounds stupid? Whatsapp does have a way to apply for a job, for example. Viber doesn’t even have a way to donate to

  6. You don’t tell us why we should trust an American company instead of an israeli. Why should I trust more Skype than viber? American companies do not spy on us? Are they innocent?

    1. No theyre not innocent. I was biased when i wrote this article. Most mobile apps have more access than viber and even have more ways to spy on you. Like truecaller, facebook….

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