slack on iPhone: how to fix login with Google account process time out error

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I’ve recently moved to iPhone, and when i tried to login with my google account on slack. I received the message. Please try again, Whoops the process time out. Try entering your address again.

Here’s slack how to fix login with google on Slack on iPhone.

The trick is really simple, slack is displaying this error in fact because I’m not logged in into that account on my Gmail application on iPhone. Follow these steps to fix this error:

  • download gmail application
  • login to the email you want to use on slack on Gmail app
  • now go back to slack application and try to login again with your gmail
  • on open email app select Gmail
  • open the email confirm your email address on slack
  • click confirm
  • sign in with google and choose the email you want to use
  • you’re done!