how to connect galaxy buds + to iPhone

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It’s very easy to connect galaxy buds to Samsung devices, but its a bit challenging to connect it to iPhone. I switched my phone recently to iPhone 12 Pro max, and i couldn’t find online how to connect my buds to my iPhone.

how to connect galaxy buds + to iPhone 12 :

  1. Download Galaxy Buds application from the appstore
  2. Open the case of your galaxy buds
  3. open the app for galaxy buds
  4. pick your device in the app
    pick your galaxy buds+ device on your iphone
  5. it will ask to connect to galaxy buds
  6. connect and keep clicking next
  7. on your iPhone go to settings,Bluetooth, and make sure you’re connected to both Galaxy buds+ DFDAD and DFAD LE
  8. If you don’t see them both in your list, put your buds in the case, close it and open it again
    connect to both earbuds on your iphone
  9. You’re all set