should we book our summer trips just yet?

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As life is almost back to normal pretty much everywhere. Yet all have one big question: should we book our summer trips?

Wizzair is misleading people and not offering refunds

On 1 June, Wizzair had a campaign saying that Bulgaria is open. I booked my flight ticket to visit. However the border control, the ministry of health and the airport in Varna have denied the border being open before 15 June. And even after 15 June they don’t guarantee anything . I called, emailed and tweeted Wizzair, yet they refused to take responsibility for misleading me. They said that its the traveler’s responsibility to check. So basically they took 140 euro from me just because they can.

Spain is still not sure about lifting the ban and the procedure

Spain from the other side, has announced that they will start receiving tourists from July 1. We reached out for the Spanish embassy in the US to ask if US travelers are going to be allowed entry and received the following:

Although restrictions for foreigners will be gradually lifted from July 1st, we don’t know yet how this is going to be implemented. Every country is in the process of preparing for the summer period while ensuring healthy conditions both at origin and at destination.  You may follow us in our social media for future updates.

Spanish Embassy in US

Don’t book anything just yet

In conclusion It seems that countries are still trying to figure out how they’re gonna approach tourists and summer. Yet airlines are doing their best to make up for their losses. Even if that means missleading people.

Don’t book anything just yet, make sure to contact border control before traveling and make sure your tickets are refundable or flexible.