Cost of Living in Germany Compared to Lebanon

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Life was always hard in Lebanon. Everything has always been overpriced even compared to the most expensive cities like New York,Paris and London. Lebanon has always been diretly and indiretly invovled in wars. And though we have tough skin, the problem was always that everything keeps getting worse. We have a tyrant Regime, corrupt politicians that have drained and abused the country over years and banks that stole people’s savings. Therefore It’s a no brainer that we have to move to survive and get a descent life.

If you’re still not convinced that you need to move out, i will put things into prespective in this article, and compare side to side living expenses in both countries. To note that in this article i will compare prices before the crisis in Lebanon. Prices are much higher at the moment.

  • Minimum wage is 1500 eur compared to 300 $ in Lebanon.
  • 7 GB internet + unlimited calls and sms with free roaming in europe cost me 10 euros per month. Compared to 25$ for 1.9 gb of internet in Lebanon.
  • Labneh (quark) is 0.90 euros per 500 grams compared to 3$ in Lebanon.
  • 1 KG whole grain flour 0.90 euros compared to 2.4$ in Lebanon
  • Saccarine//sugar substitute is at 1 eur , compared to 5 $ in Lebanon
  • 1 Litter Milk for 0.60 euro compared to 1.2 $ in Lebanon
  • 6 bottles of water is 1.20 euro compared to 2 dollars in Lebanon.
  • Gym is for 20 euros per month compared to 40 $ in Lebanon
  • Unlimtied public transportation is for 50 euro per month, compared to at least 80$ per month in Lebanon.
  • Party entrance is 15 euro on average compared to 30 $ in Lebanon.
  • Meat and pouletry have almost the same price
  • 30 eggs for 6 euro compared to 4 dollars in lebanon
  • Frozen veggies are at 1 euro/kg compared to 4-5 dollars in Lebanon.
  • 3 hours flight to varna for 40 euros round trip compared to 500$ for 2 hours flight to varna from Beirut.
  • Dominas pizza medium for 6 euros compared to 12 dollars in Lebanon.
  • 1 KG protein isolate for 40 euros compared to 120 dollars in Lebanon.

Other pros in Germany:

  • drinkable tap water
  • 24/7 electricity
  • One of the best health systems
  • Clothes and work expenses are tax deductible
  • You don’t have to pay for generator
  • The public transportation is very affordable and fast.
  • Unemployment insurance

In comparision you will make at least 3 times more money in Germany ( afer taxation) and you will pay less than half of what you pay in Lebanon. Yet, in Germany you have less stress.

I know that most of the Lebanese are hoping for life to be back to how it was before the crisis. But to be honest, we never had a descent life in Lebanon.