whoever owns Grindr owns you

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I tried to find a better title for this post, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t use better words… 

Whoever owns Grindr well. Owns you. Grindr vioalted your privacy on many occasions, but nobody did anything to stop them. In this post i am going to list the incidents that happened and why using the application is dangerous.

China Owned Grindr since 2016

Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech China bought the gay dating app back in 2016. The US did see the potential danger with China having the app. That they forced the Chinese owners  to sell the app.  Chinese corporations are forced to cooperate with the chinese regime and the chinese regime consdires homsexuality a crime.  The US decision ame 3 years after the purchase, and still has the owners 1 year to sell.

It’s unclear if they sold the company back to San Vicente Acquisition or not. The same press release was sent to all the media outlets, not sharing much about the purchase or the new company owning it.

Little is known about San Vicente Acquisition, but a person with knowledge of the deal said that the company is made up of a group of investors that’s fully owned and controlled by Americans. Reuters said that one of those investors is James Lu, a former executive at Chinese search giant Baidu.

Yet, there is no clear information on who owns this company or where it’s located. I tried Google, Wikipedia and Linkedin. There is no information about this company except for the mention in the press release of the purchase.

Grindr constant privacy violations

Despite constant privacy violations, Grindr was still sharing personal information with advertisers. Breaching the GDPR and all the privacy laws.

 You will find below a list of few incidents:

You’re underestimating how much Grindr and other apps know about you. 

People always underestimate the risks of using mobile applications. You’re willingly sharing your personal information, nudes, videos, location and chats with the application. Giving this application ownership over your personal life. 

According to their privacy policy, You’re doomed. Despite being able to use end to end encryption to protect users data, Grindr is still storing data on their servers for at least 24 hours. It gets worse, Chat images, user activity, and other Personal Data are retained for 120 days after profile deletion. In some circumstances, Grindr may retain chat messages.

it’s not just not just an app it’s your life

Whoever has access to the application has ultimate power over everyone using it. The main problem is that Grindr has never faced any serious consequences for all the privacy violations. Which begs the question of who really is supposed to set the guidelines and force grindr and other apps like it, to always have the user’s best interest as their priority?

Corporations always aim for profit, and with the absence of updated guidelines and constant privacy surveillance. They’re always going to try to get away with what they can. Simply because the more data you have, the more money you can make from it.

I think it’s about time we force new guidelines and we get new apps that are focused on user’s privacy and protection. It’s time for the consumer to own his life and his personal information.

What Should Grindr do to earn our trust ?

  1. Implement end to end encryption for your messages
  2. Media also should be encrypted end to end
  3. Give users control over which information they share with advertisers 
  4. Make sure they’re privacy policies are clear and compliant with GDPR and Privacy laws
  5. Be more honest and direct with the users
  6. Be more clear over who owns the company and what is their strategy