How to Order from U.S. Stores to Beirut

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When it comes to shopping, U.S. consumers have a variety of brand sites, retail platforms and online marketplaces to purchase their products from. These online shops have some amazing sales from time to time, such as BlackFriday and CyberMonday, which in turn offer huge savings for consumers.

But Since we live in Lebanon, we are not able to order from, Ebay, Amazon nor Nike, without paying a fortune on shipping.

This is where my friends at OnYourWay, came to help us save money on shipping goods from the U.S. They provide a fast delivery ( 2-3 weeks), save you $$$ on customs, and offer refunds on damaged products.

A 100$ item that weights 2 kgs, will cost around 19$ for shipping. That’s at least 4 times less than what DHL, UPS and Fedex would charge.

How to Order from U.S. Stores to Beirut

  1. Copy the URL of the product you want into OnYourWay’s website or on WhatsApp
  2. Request a quote. Within a few hours, They’ll send you a delivery offer.
  3. Choose your payment method:prepay online or cash on delivery
  4. Get your item like a boss

How does it work?

What I like about this service is that, OnYourWay provides a platform for Shoppers to save money on shipping, while also funding travellers that will pick the items on their way.

The ordered products, gets shipped by travelers who register their trips with OnYourWay. As a result, these travellers get paid for the delivered products and make up some cash to makeup some of the money they paid for their trip.