What’s really happening in Lebanon

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This is the first time in my entire life that I am proud to be Lebanese. This week has been crazy. I am writing this post, because the national and international media is failling to paint the whole picture.


Unreasonable cost of living

  • The minimum wage in Lebanon is $450 compared to 1,172 $ in Barcelona. Thats almost the third of the minimum wage in barcelona.
  • Yet, the cost of living is relatively the same, Check this url ( although in many ways Barcelona seems way more cheaper than beirut).
  • Lebanon has even a highter unemployment rate than barcelona, specially because of the civil war in syria.

The governments have done nothing except stealing since the lebanese civil war

  • Lebanon has daily electricity cut since the civil war in 1986, with no improvement from the government.
  • Trash crisis happening.
  • No job opportunities
  • Lack of public transportation
  • Politicians keeps stealing money and get richer, while our economy is suffering.
  • Politicians used to rely on religion to control people, but the situation has gotten really bad that people are now numb to these threats
  • Polutition, corruption and chaos that only gets worse every year
  • Lebanese Politicians have employed their people in high positions in the government and public instituitions causing the country a lot of unnecessary expenses
  • Politicians in Lebanon keep getting salaries, even years after their duty is over.
  • To make it worse, if a politician like our president, has had 5 different positions in the country, he will keep earning a salary for each position for the rest of his life.
  • Having that, all Lebanese politicians have stollen millions from the people. They’re all Billionaires as far as we can know.

The events that directly let to this revolution

  • The governments unability to calm down the wild fires in Lebanon, and having to ask help from Cyprus.
  • Imposing new taxes, including a 6$ tax on voip calls.
  • Spending around 100 million dollars to buy a building for the ministry of telecommunication, while we have the most expensive telecom service in the world.
  • The politicians played with the currency price, for few months, That the dollar exchange rate reached 1800 Lira at times.
  • People had to live in fear for weeks, due to the fuel and bread crisis.
  • The government is requesting aid from other countries, so that they steal them again.

Whats really happening in the protests

  • Peacefull protests are gathering all around Lebanon
  • The rotten politicians are scared, because people are united against them
  • The corrupt government and politicians are sending, their people to cause chaos and lead the protests to fail
  • All the policians that were fighting each other for years, causing lebanon all of this chaos, are in fact now on the same page. They want to stay in power at any cost.
  • The people that were claiming to fight for libery in the past, are now using force to scare the protestors into retreat.