Momentum is Ruining your Workout and killing your progress

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It seems like almost everyone cares about lifting more weights, rather than doing the exercise the right way. Let’s face the fact, that we, millennials want to get everything in an easy way. We care more about what people think, rather than doing the right thing. So, we’re ashamed to bench press a lower weight. As a result we will sacrifice our results just to feed our egos.

Momentum is Ruining your Workout and killing your progress

I will explain; when you workout your biceps, only your biceps should move. If you body swings during this exercise, it means that you’re using momentum. In other words, the targeted muscle works less, while the joints and spine work to help you lift the weight.

Another example, is when you’re doing bench press. Your back should be fixed on the bench. But when using momentum, you will curl your back to give you a stronger push. This technique is only used by power builders during competitions. And it has no good benefits to your body. You’re not engaging the target muscle enough. Instead you’re relying on momentum.

How to workout the muscle the right way

  • Leave your ego outside of the gym
  • Always start with a lower weight
  • focus on the muscle you’re training
  • Do each repetition slowly so that you can feel the muscle contracting

You have to do the hard work

I’ve been working out for 8 years, and I still learn new stuff everyday. I didn’t know how to properly eat until i started the diet that helped finally see results last year. If you want to see results. You have to keep on learning and improving your workout.