How to lunch meal prep in less than 5 minutes

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Long story short, I’ve been following my body transformation diet. And though the diet is super easy to follow. Just like most of you, I am employed, and by the time i finish work and my workout. I am usually dead. This is what led me to come up with a strategy on how to lunch meal prep.

My diet has 2 meals for lunch ( meal #2 and meal 3 ). Each meal consists of 150 grams of chicken, 150 grams of non starchy veggies and between 0 and 200 grams of Carbs ( depends on the day check out my diet for details on that).

How to lunch meal prep in less than 5 minutes

preparations 35 min ( every 3 -5 days)

You need around 35 minutes every 3 to 5 days to prepare.

  • Every 2-4 days, cook the chicken ( takes around 30 minutes)
  • instead of preparing veggies and cooking them yourself, just buy frozen non starchy veggies; Such as broccoli , cauliflower and beans. They’re usually very cheap. They will save you a lot of time and they’re usually frozen at peak freshness. Which means that they’re very nutritious.
  • Estimate how much carbs you need and cook it, for example wholegrain rice takes around 30 minutes to prepare. You can also prepare wholegrain pasta or even sweet potatoes. And save them in the fridge. They can last up to 5 days.

Daily preparation ( less than 5 minutes)

Congratulation, you’ve saved a lot of time on lunch prep. You only need to get the prepared Protein/Carbs/Veggies from your fridge, pack them and you’re good to go!

Pro tips

They key for any diet to work is sticking to it. And since you’re going to be eating almost the same meal everyday, its important that you keep it exciting. Here’s few tips that could help:

  • Use different Carbs for each meal, I usually use Sweet Potatoes for Meal #1 and wholegrain rice for #2.
  • Use many different Veggies in your meals. Try to include all the colors of the rainbow in your diet, to make sure that you get the most nutrition from it.
  • Spice it up to change the flavors of your dish. my favorites are Turmeric, Black pepper and Thyme.
  • Use light soy sauce occasionally !

Few of my lunch meal prep variations