Tarom Airline is the worst Airline

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Picking the right flight is always hard. I was trying to book my trip to Barcelona on 10 August, I had few choices. So I decided to choose Tarom, and that was the worst decision of my life.

I paid 380$ on a one way flight Beirut, Barcelona. Long story short, i had a layover in Bucharest, but my first flight got delayed by 2 hours. I arrived at 7:00 am to Bucharest, and my second flight was at 7:30 am.

Yet for some reason, Tarom decided to deny us boarding. They told us to go get our bags, and that the ticketing office will issue new tickets. That our next flight will be at 12.

jed ismael in bcn
My abs and I in Barcelona!

We waited for around an hour for our bags. Everytime the girls went to ask the staff about them, they would get screamed at. Tarom employees were acting like nazis. Anyway, I took the leadand i started screaming back and I demanded that she calls her manager.

After 15 minutes of arguing the manager came, she told us they had a problem with the bags #shocker. That somehow they lost them with the transit and they need some time to get them back. She allowed us to check which flights we’re going to get. And then get our bags after it.

Well, lets say they booked me a new ticket to London, and another from London to Barcelona. Which would mean that i will arrive at 9 pm to bcn, thats 11 hours later than my original flight.

Here’s where i showed the employee that there are direct flights, but she said she couldn’t book them. I was really trying to control myself, but for some reason Tarom’s employee were super rude. We had every reason to panick and be angry, they didn’t. It was a normal working day for them, and their job is to help the customers. But, when i told them that, they got offended and said that Romania pays them their salaries and not us, and therefore they shouldn’t care about us.

I went and asked the staff for food and for compensation, they provided us with a voucher to one pork sandwich and a bottle of water. Yet, most of us didn’t eat pork, but tarom doesn’t really care. At this point we got attitude from 4 different Tarom employees. But i am a fighter, i wont give us now!

I went back to the ticketing office yet this time i was able to convince another employee to book me an earlier flight to Munich and from Munich to Barcelona, so that i can arrive at 5 pm instead of 9pm.

The real problem was their attitude

The real problem with Tarom’s airline wasn’t the delay it self, I mean shit happens! It was the way they treat their customers like they’re garbige. I didn’t use lowcost, i paid for a respectful airline around 400$ for a flight that usually would cost way less. All we needed was someone to tell us what’s hapening with our bags, reassure us about our flights, and well respect us enougn to give us real food. We never recieved any apologize or conforting for the delayed flight. I reached out to support few times with no success.

So I decided to sue them. I will talk about that later! 🙂