how to get the best hotel rates

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Booking hotels is really tricky. There is so many websites offering so many different deals. The problem, is that its really hard to compare deals from all these different websites at the same time. So here’s what you should to get the best hotel rates.

Use Google to compare prices

Lets say you want to visit my favorite city in the world Barcelona, and you’re looking for a hotel in Barcelona. It really doesnt matter where you start searching. You can start on any website you like, Agoda,

The trick is that after that you find a room that you like, you take the name of the hotel you like, you google it. You will get a list comparing the price offered on different sites on the left sidebar. Update the dates, and check which site is cheaper. You can click on more and compare even more sites. In this case, Hotel NH Porta Barcelona is cheaper when booked through their official website.

You have to be careful, and check if this low price still has all the features that you’re looking for like Free Cancelation, or free breakfast ex…

Get deals from Groupon

Another really good trick is to book hotels from International versions of groupon. For example is for italy, is for the US , is for spain. You will find really good deals for half the price on these websites.