why do I gain weight when i eat less

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If eating more makes you gain weight, then restricting your food intake will automatically make you lose weight. Right? Well, not necessarily. You’d be shocked to know that restricting your food intake might be the reason you’re gaining weight in the first place. Here’s why you’re gaining weight when you eat less.

I have few friends who asked for my advice on why they’re not losing weight. And one thing that stood up between all of them, they’re restricting their food intake to a very low extreme.  One of my friends was eating 800 calories less than her basal metabolic rate. To put it in perspective, she was restricting her calorie intake to less than half of what her body needs.

What happens when you restrict your calorie intake too much?

When you restrict your calorie intake too much, your body will go into panic mode. It will think that you’re starving, so it will try to save as much energy as possible, therefore it slows your metabolism and burns muscles for fuel ( which in turn slows down your metabolism even further). At the same time,  your body will try to store as much fat as possible for reserve.

How to actually lose weight

To prevent your body from going into panic mode, you have to actually follow a diet that has a slight calorie deficit not more than 300 calories per day. Most people would say that they have to lose weight fast, but this weight wasn’t gained overnight, and can’t be lost overnight either.