Isfanbul vialand park istanbul a complete disappointment

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I had a recent trip to Istanbul, and my friend was insisting to visit Istanbul’s version of DisneyLand, Isfanbul ( previously known as vialand).

Ticket pricing mess

We headed to their official website and found out the ticket for 95 tl, thats 100 tl less than the normal price, we bought the tickets and head to Taksim, where there is free shuttle to Isfanbul.

Free shuttle really means free ripoff

The bus driver went nuts when he knew that we bought the tickets online, he said that he officially works for Isfanbul, and that nobody will let us in with these tickets. Soon his gang were surrounding him, in what was supposed to be an embouch to rip us of our money. I reached out to support of Isfanbul, but they dont speak english well, and weren’t able to provide any help. Anyway, a small look at the bus and the office assosicated with hit, revealed that these guys didn’t even work for istanful, and were selling the tickets for much higher price than the original price. We ordered uber to the park, which cost like 40 tl. A very low price compared to what the imposters were trying to take from us.

There are some imposters on Taksim square in plain sight, triking people to rip them off.

The video below shows the guy that tried to rip us off, wearing a white shirt and talking on the phone. We took a video, with the intention to report this incident to Isfanbul management. But, after over one week of reporting the issue, and getting no reply, we publish the video below.

How much did you pay for the tickets!?

We get to Isfanbul at last, and the ticketing lady pause us to ask how much we paid for the ticket and then spends around 15 minutes on the phone. She claimed that she wasn’t able to locate our pnr, although i provided the reservation number. I stormed out on her and asked her to call her manager, and in no time they found our tickets! Strange!?

To wrap up this section, when we bought the tickets, we were on the turkish verison on the website, which sells the tickets for a much lower price than the english verison. Without notifying anyone that this price is intented for Turks only.

The security took a picture of one of the tickets and didn’t scan it

While entering, the security guy scanned one ticket. While taking a picture of the other and asked me to enter from a different point without checking my ticket.

The real disappointment inside….

  • The park has only 10 games available for adults.
    one of them was closed, one was a ride in a boat to show the turkish history, 2 others were some cinema shows. So the park had in total 4 games.
  • The staff inside the park didn’t speak english and weren’t helpful at all.

Defenitly not worh visiting

We excpected alot from our visit, but the disappointment was really too much to handle. I reached out to istanful on facebook with the incident details and didnt get any reply yet.

In summary:

  • The park didn’t live ot our expectations, with only 6 usable games.
  • Unfriendly staff
  • The pricing is really unconsistant
  • The management couldn’t even care less about customers
  • Imposters are allowed by management to rip you off
  • Even staff will use your ticket