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There is a lot of things that can affect my workout. Personally I really do enjoy every aspect of my workout. Here’s my personal take on how to have a good workout.

To have a good workout, basically you have to make sure that you’re body is healthy, that you’re focused and that you actually make the most of the session. Having said that i will split the tips into the mentioned categories.

How to stay focused during workout: The mindset

  • Disconnect from all social media and messages, even better leave your phone in the locker!
  • Invest in some wireless headset, and play music during your workout. For me, breakup angry songs gives me motivation to workout even harder ( thanks to my exes).
  • Remind your self, why you’re working out and what you’re expecting from your self at the end of the workout.
  • Pick a gym that is close to your house, so that you know its easy for you to go
  • Go everyday at the same time to the gym
  • Pick a gym that makes you feel comfortable

How to train better : The workout

  • Help your body warm up, by starting with a 7 minutes light cardio warmup
  • Help your body cool down, with a 20 minutes light cardio cool down exercise
  • Don’t stretch before your workout, as it will change the way your muscles behave, only stretch after.
  • Use dumbbells and free-weights whenever possible. Machines are good, but they don’t activate the whole muscle, dumbbells and free-weights are better at that
  • Use your watch do track your resting time between sets ( 2 min for 5×5 and 1 min for 12×3)
  • Keep on challenging your self by slowly increasing the intensity of your workout ( more reps or more weight)
  • Train each muscle twice per week
  • Don’t dedicate a day for Arms, that’s a waste of time
  • Focus on the muscle you’re training, For example make sure only your biceps is moving during biceps curl and not your whole body.
  • Change your workout every 3-4 months to avoid boredom
  • Avoid making these workout mistakes
  • Checkout my workout for March 2019

How to get ready for a workout and Recover Faster

This was my take on how to have a good workout, I hope i was able to workout better. Just don’t be like these guys that i hate at the gym.