Fitness Plus Gym Beirut Review

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My gym closes on Sundays, so i did a google search for gyms around me and decided to give Fitness Plus gym a trial. Here’s my full review.

What I liked

  • Staff was friendly throughout the communication
  • Good variety of Machines and Weights, they had around 10 machines for legs which is good enough to workout the whole muscle
  • Good amount of Cardio Machines, and they were up to date, each treadmill had a tv attached to it
  • Gym was empty on Sunday ( im not sure if its overcrowded on weekdays)
  • Free lockers with contact-less key

What i didn’t like

  • Membership is expensive 100$ / month ( 280$ for 3 month +1 free)
  • Gym had poor ventilation, I was really sweating although its only 22 degree outside.
  • The gym is very small
  • Old equipment and machines, you can see in the pictures below that the color is worn-off on the machines
  • Machine were hard to handle, I felt like I was going to break them at some point
  • Doesn’t have a parking
  • No towels were provided
  • The Locker room is very small
  • No trainers were available to help ( i guess because it was sunday)
  • Gym weights were in LB not in KGs


Address: Mar Elias، Beirut
Phone: 01 313 880

Traffic  C The gym is located at in crowded area
Gym Size C Gym was very small
Trainers X  Unknown status
Weekends and Holidays A The gym is open on weekends and most of the holidays.
Locker room C Very small
Cardio machines B So many machines—most of them new—you rarely have to wait.
Weights C- Good machine selection, but most of them are old and outdated.
Customer service B Friendly throughout the whole experience

Final thoughts : Price Vs Service Provided

This is a very expensive gym if you compare its price to the services provided. You’re paying 100$ , which is considered expensive compared to International gyms ( MCFIT is 25$ ), and even to local gyms with similar machines and size that usually cost around 50$ max.