Guys I hate at the gym

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If you workout often like me. Most likely you will find these types of annoying guys at the gym… These guys will drive you insane. So here is the list of guys I hate at the gym.

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  • Smelly guys, I mean its okay for people to sweat a little bit at gym, but some guys really smell like they haven’t showered or changed clothes in weeks.
  • Guys that keep staring at you.
  • Guys that keep staring at their phone
  • Guys who keep checking out them self at the mirror.
  • Those who workout their egos instead of muscles, and by that i mean those who workout with a very heavy weight and fail to do the workout properly. ( like pushing the weight with your total body instead of biceps during biceps curl)
  • The personal trainers that don’t care if their clients are doing the move right.
  • Personal trainers that are on their phones, while their clients are working out.
  • Those who know everything and want to force their ignorance on you.
  • Guys who over-socialize at gym . I mean It’s okay to socialize a little bit at the gym, but some guys just go to gym to socialize
  • Those who already have a coach, and come ask you for advice to double check him. You’re paying him money, if you don’t trust him work with another trainer.
  • Guys who see you taking a topless selfie, and continue staring at you, i mean come take a picture, it will last longer.
  • Guys who wear jeans or flip-flops to gym
  • Guys who want to shake hands, when you’re clearly don’t want to touch anyone ( because you have a phobia from germs).

And Finally, anyone and everyone who’s going to gym out of guilt, and doesn’t really feel passionate about working out. I mean if you don’t like this sport, there is a plenty of other sports that you will enjoy. And when you do something that you really enjoy, you will surely see more results.