FitnessZone Is the worst gym in Lebanon

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I wrote a blog post before, ranking the best 3 gyms in Lebanon based on my experience back then. Then this year i actually tried FitnessZone for one month, here’s why it’s the worst Gym in Lebanon.

  • Gyms are overcrowded, you have to wait a long time during peak hours even in the morning.
  • They didn’t commit to the package they offered me
  • Staff only care about up-selling and making more money. I booked a fat test session with a trainer, but when i showed to my appointment, he was with another client
  • some machines were broken the entire month
  • They don’t have a lot of machines, usually each branch is missing something
  • 140$ is very expensive for the services provided
  • They keep spamming you, when you don’t renew your month

I decided to subscribe to FitnessZone last September, after an hour of negotiation, the sales came back to me with the following offer, down payment 200$, first, second and last month for free. It was the 20th of the month, so technically it was 40 days + last month for free. Anyway … i agreed on this terms, and I received a hand written bill ( which was weird. To be shocked that at the end of the month, they didn’t respect the offer they provided me, and they charged me for the new month.

I started going in the afternoon at the beginning to souks, it was overcrowded all the time, the club was admitting more members than it can fit, the leg curl machine was broken the entire month, and they only had one squat barbel, which was used for a lot of moves.

I wasn’t able to workout properly, because they didn’t have a lot of machines, and the machines that were in the gym were always per-occupied.

Anyway, i booked a fat session with a trainer called Rodrick at 7 AM the following day, i arrive at my appointment, and Rodrick was already occupied with another client. Which really upset me and i started screaming until they got another trainer to do the test for me.

This is when I figured out that i was paying 100$ extra on what i pay at my local gym, and getting a very shitty service. So i deactivated my credit card. And that alone, started three months of spamming my messages, whatsapp and even phone.

In my experience, FitnessZone is definitely the worst gym in Lebanon, compared to how much you pay for it. I apologize for previously recommending it in my post.