these bodybuilding supplements are useless, choose these instead

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The right supplements will help you reach your fitness goals faster, but for years now we’ve all fallen a victim for supplements that don’t really work. Don’t be fooled by the packaging and advertisement, these bodybuilding supplements are useless.

these bodybuilding supplements are useless, choose these instead

vitamins ( yes all vitamins supplements)

For years now, doctors and nutritionists have been advising people to take vitamins supplements. Studies shows that all these vitamins and multivitamins are not even being absorbed by your body. Your body can only absorb a small amount of vitamins at a time. So when you take your vitamins and multivitamins,  they’re passed through your urine.  Some studies even show that these vitamins cause more harm than good to your health.

Testo boosters

Testosterone is the main hormone that controls muscle building.  Testo boosters claim to help raise testo levels. Yet There is no study that proves the effect of Testo boosters on testosterone. To optimize your testosterone level eat healthy, exercise and sleep well.


Glutamine is a non essential amino acid. Which means that your body has the ability to produce it when it needs it. Therefore buying a glutamine supplements doesn’t make sense at all; why would you supplement your body with something that can be easily produced when it’s needed?

amino acids ( BCAAs)

BCAAs products are overestimated and overpriced.  Your body breaks proteins into amino acids. Which means that when you eat enough protein, your body is already breaking these proteins into amino acids and using them. One serving of BCAA has only 5 grams of Proteins. Where as a serving of whey protein has between 20 and 25 grams of protein.

mass gainers

Mass gainers, are basically stuffed with a lot of carbs and fats to increase their caloric dense. They taste horrible, and they supplement you with more calories that you actually need. Even if you’re trying to get bigger, and build more muscles, that’s a lot of unwanted empty calories.  Instead Mix a scoop of protein with fruits or oats to create a healthy smoothie. My favorite fruits to mix with proteins are berries, strawberries and avocado.

Isolate Proteins

Isolate proteins are basically protein powders that have 0 carbs and fats.  There products really provide no significant value compared to whey proteins. Whey proteins are already very low in Carbs and Fats, and they’re much cheaper than isolate.

Omega 6  and 9

We already get way more Omega 6 than our needs from our diet. We don’t really need to supplement something that we already have a lot from. In addition to that, excess Omega 6 prevents our bodies from using Omega 3.  

Omega 9 is basically generated whenever we have enough omega 3 and 6 in our body. Having said that, the only omega that you need to supplement with is Omega 3.

Supplements that actually works

Instead of wasting your money on the supplements above, Here’s my list of supplements that actually works:

  1. Omega 3
  2. Whey Protein ( any whey protein works, dont be fooled by the branding, the cheapest the better)
  3. Multi-phase protein
  4. Garlic pills
  5. Creatine
  6. PreWorkout like C4
  7. Melatonin (if you’re having trouble sleeping)

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