High Protein Chicken Zucchini Lasagna

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After following my diet for around 3 months, i found out that I really got bored with what I am eating. So, i decided to try two new recipes to my diet every week. Today, I will share with you a new Chicken Zucchini lasagna that I came across, i did some changes int he original recipe so that it can still fit into my diet.

Ingredients ( for 1 serving)

  • 80 grams cooked chicken breast
  • 150 grams zucchini
  • 1 egg white
  • 50 gram ricotta cheese
  • 100 grams marinara sauce
  • 10 grams low fat mozzarella cheese


  • Chicken: 156 calories, 6.18g Fats and   23.64g Protein
  • Zucchini :  24  calories, 0.27g Fats, 5.02g Carbs and 1.82g Protein
  • Egg white: 17  calories,  0.06g Fats , 0.24g Carbs and  3.6g Protein
  • Ricotta cheese:  78 calories,  5.22g Fats, 2.04g Carbs and  5.66g Protein
  • Marinara pasta sauce: 74 calories, 2.38g Fats, 11.27g Carbs  and 1.95g Protein
  • Cheese: 30 calories, 2g Fats, 0.38g Carbs and 2.6g Protein

Total: 379 calories  Proteins: 39.27 g Carbs : 18.95 Fats:16.11

How to prepare

  1. slice the zucchini into very thin layers, and place them in the microwave for 5 minutes
  2. mix chicken and marinara sauce in a blender
  3. mix egg-white and ricotta cheese in a container
  4. to your cooking container add, the zucchini, then ricotta/egg mix, then the chicken marinara
  5. sprinkle the mozzarella as topping
  6. bake in the oven for 15/20 minutes with 200 degrees   ( the oven should be lighted from above and below the container)

chicken zuchini Lasagna


You can reach me out on Instagram if you have further questions or comments about this recipe. Bon appetite!.