these diet foods are actually high in calories and make you gain weight

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When i started taking care of my diet, i fell victim for a lot of supposedly diet products. The thing is that we, people really are trying to take better care of our health and diet, and companies know that and they’re trying to take advantage of it to make more profit. These diet foods are actually high in calories and make you gain weight.

  1. Fake Dark Chocolate
    To make sure that you’re not buying an unhealthy treat make sure that it’s 70% at cacao, anything under that is normal chocolate and not dark. They’re just trying to fool you, because they know you’re looking for dark chocolate.
  2. Fitness Cereals
    Eating a high carbs breakfast is bad for your health, having said that all the Cereals products are loaded in calories and sugars, therefore they’re not a healthy option.  Instead switch to eating a high protein breakfast like eggs, or even some high quality carbs like oats.
  3. Muesli
    Muesli is basically just like cereals, it does have oats but it’s also loaded with a lot of sugar that you don’t need.
  4. Food loaded with Trans-fat
    Trans-fat is the worst kind of fats, it basically has no good use in our bodies, it causes cancer, obesity, blocked arteries and other diseases.  The thing is that most companies, are saying 0% trans-fat on the label, yet if you look close to the ingredients you will find hydrogenated fats which means trans fat.  You should check foods like peanut butter, margarine and crackers.
  5. Dried fruits
    Sugar and chemicals are often added to fruits, to accelerate the drying procedure. Add to it, that dried fruits are much smaller than fruits, while they have more calories.  So, avoid them and eat fresh/frozen fruits instead.
  6. fresh juices
    Fresh juices are like the worst entry on this list, at some point we all drank orange juice instead of soda, thinking it’s healthier, well it’s not, it has exactly the same amount of sugar. To make one cup of orange juice, you have to use 3 oranges.  Thats 135 calories and 27 grams of sugar whereas a pepsi can has 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar.  Instead of drinking your fruits, simply eat them, they fruits have more fiber.
  7. 0% fat frozen yogurt
    Frozen yogurt has more calories than most ice cream, in fact one small cup of Pinkberry as much sugar  a McDonald’s McFlurry.
  8. sports drinks
    Sports drinks are loaded with sugar. Instead make your own sports electrolyte sport drink by mixing lemon juice with 1 tbsp of salt with one bottle of water, and drink it during your workout.
  9. cranberry juice
    Most cranberry juices out there are loaded with sugar, just like all the other fruit juices, they’re worse than a soda drink.
  10. Fructose syrup/Honey
    Fructose syrup, honey and brown sugar are usually used as a healthier replacement for sugar, they’re not. They have around the same amount of calories, not to mention that heavy usage of fructose will lead to liver problems.

I will try to expand the list more with time, meanwhile you can check the diet plan that helped me finally get results to get inspired and make some fixes to your diet.