WhatsApp doesn’t send notifications about web access on iPhones

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If you care about your privacy, you should never allow anyone to access your phone unattended even for 30 seconds.  I’ve been using WhatsApp for as long as i can remember and it’s really amazing how this app has evolved over the past few years. Yet just like  with all the other applications that we use these days,  our privacy is a big question mark.  WhatsApp web is one of the most arguable features of this application for a very important reason, well it can be easily used by anyone to spy on your conversations. All they need is 30 seconds with your phone.

WhatsApp doesn't send notifications about web access on iPhones

How it’s done?

You open WhatsApp web on your device, and using your victim’s phone you scan the QR code displayed on your “spying” device.  .Once logged in, it remains connected until you log out.

WhatsApp has released a security feature for Android devices

Yet, if you’re an android user you’re going to get a notification on your phone, every time a web session is active and you will be able to end the session. But that isn’t the case for iPhone users, for some reasons WhatsApp didn’t include this security feature on iOS devices. To protect your privacy, you have to constantly check your application and see if a WhatsApp session is active from settings.

It’s really hard to protect your privacy these days, there is at least a dozen service or website that we’re using, and they’re updated so often that you don’t really have the time to learn about each feature. Sometimes some simple tricks can make us more protected, though never really safe.In the past i’ve addressed many flaws with this app like  how   WhatsApp end-to-end encryption  allows third parties to spy on you, how to track hidden last seen and how to unsend really old messages.

While it’s still not clear why WhatsApp has not released this feature for iPhones, it’s reasonable to assume that your privacy is more secure on Android devices.