BitTorrent is infecting PCs with Malwares and MalwareBytes can’t stop it

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I downloaded Bitorrent  few weeks ago, but never really used it until this week. I have MalwareBytes pro installed on my pc, which in turn has real time protection. I have to remind everyone here, that i am Software developer and a tech blogger, and I am extra careful online. Yet, a strange things happened twice this week. I leave my pc on to download some stupid series, I come back few hours later (after gym ) to find out that Malwarebytes has been uninstalled, and that a malware called “Web Companion” has been installed on my pc.

BitTorrent is infecting PCs with Malwares and MalwareBytes can't stop it


At that point It didn’t make sense to me, MalwareBytes was on all the time, and nobody had access to my pc, i cleaned my pc, and reinstalled the anti malware. Yet the following day, I left my pc on for few hours again, and i came back to find that malwarebytes was still installed, yet realtime and malware protection were turned off. I tried to turn them back on, but they kept on switching off.

I did my research on BitTorrent, turns out that it has backdoors that hackers are using to infect people with viruses.  I am not sure if BitTorrent has backdoors on purpose, so that they can profit from hackers.  But giving the fact, that this application is popular, while it doesn’t have anyway to make profit, other than the pro version that nobody buys. It just doesn’t make sense for people who download torrent to pay for the software.

BitTorrent is infecting PCs with Malwares and MalwareBytes can’t stop it

So somehow, hackers were able to use the alleged back-doors in BitTorrent to stop MalwareBytes and install Malwares. It’s simply not safe to use BitTorrent, the security holes might exist in the app on purpose. And MalwareBytes, is useless just like all the other anti-viruses and anti-malwares,  they provide protection up to a certain extent, but they’re overpriced and don’t provide the security they promise.