How To get Unlimited Free VPN Proxy on Android

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It’s very important to have a VPN application installed on your phone, specially if you’re traveling(or live) in a country that restricts access to social media, or you’re using public wifi. Yet the problem is that most VPN applications are loaded with ads, slow and limited. Unless you pay an unreasonable  subscription fee.   My all time favorite vpn/proxy app have finally released their beta version on android.  Thanks to UltraReach their UltraSurf application now you can benifit from an Unlimited Free VPN Proxy on Android, without having to worry about ads, usage limitations or even breaking the bank.

UltraSurf: Unlimited Free VPN Proxy Android

UltraSurf, is with no doubt the best anti-censorship tool that has been ever released.  Serving millions of users worldwide for free, without ads, registration or limitations. UltraSurf has been released as a new android app in the google play store, this app provides Unlimited Free VPN Proxy for its users.

How it works

Ultrasurf is a free application that enables users to visit websites safely and freely through a secure, encrypted tunnel. It helps you access blocked websites and unblocks YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and all the restricted websites.

Why it’s important that everyone installs a vpn

It’s very important to use a vpn or a proxy when you’re connected to a public Wifi Hotspot; without a proper vpn a hacker connected to the same Public wifi, can intercept your internet traffic and trick you into sharing your password with him or capture your personal data.

What makes this Free VPN Proxy application the best is that you won’t have to worry about adwares or spywares, or companies selling your data.  It’s 100% free, Fast and easy to use.

Ultrasurf Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

How to use UltraSurf:

  1. download from Google Playstore(click here for the desktop version)
  2. launch the app and connect
  3. you’re done


At the time of writing this article, I have tried using the app on both Wifi and 4G, but it doesn’t seem to work in Spain. Please let me know if you face similar problems.