how to find daily gym passes while traveling

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It’s very important to maintain your workout schedule when you’re traveling, simply because a week without working out could slow down or even hinder your progress. But at the same time, it’s not easy to find gyms that offer weekly or daily passes.  I am planning for my next trip to Europe, and I’ve been searching the web for a really long time,  before i came across these solutions.

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How to find daily gym passes while traveling

If you’re afraid to miss the treadmills and dumbbells or even the swimming pool, there are a couple websites that offers daily, weekly and even monthly passes based on the type of the sports that want to perform.

These apps and websites include many gyms and Fitness providers across the world. You will Easily find Gyms and studios to workout or perform your favorite sport near your hotel or apartment .  On these sites you will be able to find Pay-as-you-go passes that range from 1 day to 3 months. In addition to Discounts and exclusive offers. You will also benefit from all the members features, without paying the full membership fees.

  • GymLib (France)
  • AndJoy (Spain)
  • PayAsUGym (UK)
  • Zeamo ( Europe/US/Australia/Canada)

Having said that, make sure to stay hydrated and have a balanced diet on your vacation as well. This post is meant to help everyone who wants to stay in shape, without breaking the bank or getting lost in new cities.

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