Whatsapp Unsend Old Messages

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Whatsapp rolled out the Unsend feature back in October, however it has limited this feature to messages that are not older than 7 minutes. Seven minutes are still not enough, specially if you broke up with  or stopped talking to someone, and you want to hide all the evidence. This tutorial will help you delete messages up to one month old. You can also learn how to Track hidden Whatsapp Last Seen.
The secret here is to trick Whatsapp into thinking that you’re within the 7 minutes range, so that you given the ability to delete these messages. Follow these four steps to How To Unsend Old Whatsapp Messages.

how to unsend old whatsapp messages

How to Whatsapp Unsend Old Messages

  1. Turn on airplane mode on  ( with wifi off)
  2. Go to your time/date settings and change the date to the date of the messages that you want to delete
  3. open whatsapp and click on the messages that you want to delete, and click delete for everyone
  4. turn off airplane mode, open whatsapp and you’re done.

One of the problems that you might face, is that Whatsapp might tell you that the date and time of the phone is wrong, adjust the date and try again. Unfortunately you can’t unsend all old messages, but even a month is still worth it.

how to unsend old Whatsapp messages video