How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Without PC

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I started testing Huawei’s P10 Lite  last week, It’s my first time using an android phone so the first step is how to go from  iPhone to Android without losing the iPhone’s contacts? This quick guide shows how to transfer iPhone contacts to Android without using a pc or additional apps  in 8 easy steps.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Without PC Huawei p10lite

Despite the fact that google and the internet are flooded with solutions, all of them were too complicated and require a pc which make the move hard for ordinary users.  I frankly don’t know why people tend to complicate the process. To move your contacts from your iPhone to android all you need is three minutes and your phones. If you’re looking to backup your photos follow this article to install google photos on your iPhone and backup all of your photos for free.


Follow these steps To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android Without PC

  1. first turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and make sure that its discoverable
  2. on your android device go to your contacts application
  3. click on more >> import/export
  4. select import from another phone
  5. select supports Bluetooth and click next
  6. on the next screen it will ask you to turn on Bluetooth if its not on , click next
  7. select your iPhone, agree to pairing on both devices
  8. after that the pairing is done your android will import all your contact
  9. You’re done.

Once you’ve imported iPhone contacts, your contacts are going to be synced with your Google account, which will make them available for all of your (future) android devices.