how to Track hidden Whatsapp Last Seen

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Whatsapp Online status has been very crucial to users ever since the application became popular.  Many third parties application were used to fake the last seen stamp,  which led Whatsapp to create a new feature that allows users to hide their last seen back in 2016.


But privacy doesn’t really exist online, simply being connected to the internet will strip you of your privacy.  Truecaller’s last seen has also been a concern for users, because it shares your online activity on the phone with everyone who has your number.

Although the Last Seen status can now be hidden on Whatsapp, third-party developer have already created several applications that allow you to track any user, and know when they go online or offline.   In this post I am sharing an application that will allow you to track your “friends” and get notified when they go online/offline on Whatsapp. The purpose of this post is to shed the light on this issue, so that Whatsapp fix this issue.

How To Track Whatsapp Online Status When Last Seen Is Turned Off

how to Track hidden Whatsapp Last Seen?

Go to the App Store on your iOS device , search for and install “Netwa”. Netwa  is a spy tool for Whatsapp, Telegram, VK. This app will help you stalk your friends and  be aware when they get online. The application will notify you when your friend’s (victims) status changes, and it will collect statistics of the profile activity for each day.

So Simply download the app, add the number you want to track and the application will start to collect statistics of online. You’ll know when the profile is online, and u will have detailed statistics to show it.  A similar app called WhatsDog is available for Android users.

How to protect yourself from being spied on?

At this point, there is nothing that you can do, because these spy apps track whatsapp anonymously, which means that even if you block all of your contacts, the application will still be able to track your online status.  Whatsapp will have to release a  new feature that will allow you to control who sees your online status.