How To Save Money For First Time Travelers to Europe

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Two weeks ago, I got the chance to Visit Barcelona and fall in love with this beautiful city. It was my first time in Europe, and i was very excited about it so i did a lot of googling, and a lot of preparations. But it wasn’t until after my trip that I figured how to save money, and get to do more stuff. Scroll down below to check out my tips on how to save money for first time travelers to Europe.

How To Save Money For First Time Travelers to Europe

Don’t assume that you to buy a weekly metro card

One of the best and cheaper ways to get around Barcelona or any city in Europe is to buy a metro bus card. This card will allow you make unlimited journeys all over the city you’re visiting, and it also comes with a guide for the bus stops and metro stations. Not to mention that Google Maps will help you route your trip, and inform you of the location of each metro/bus station. However before buying this card you should estimate how much you will be using it;  i paid around 60 euros on my card, and end up using it for less than 5 rides, because most of the times, the places i was visiting had transportation already provided.

Don’t buy your events tickets online

Before going to Barcelona, I booked 3 parties online. I ended up paying an extra 5 euros on each ticket, in addition to currency exchange fees (around 3 euros per ticket). And although i was buying advance tickets to save money, i ended up paying 3 euros extra from the normal tickets price. Here’s a tip if you want to save money on your event’s ticket, by it from their local store in town.

Book an Airbnb Apartment Instead of Hotel

One of the easiest ways to save more money is to book an apartment or a room through Airbnb instead of booking an hotel. Register through this link to get a 20$ credit.

Bonus tip : getting an Airbnb apartment will allow you to cook your own meals, and save some extra cash.

Don’t buy Water, it’s free

Before heading to any European city, you should google if tap water is safe to drink. It will save you a lot of money, specially in clubs where water usually expensive. Tip: Buy only one bottle of water and keep refilling it from the sink. This way you willl be able to spend more money on partying and booze.


Ditch roaming and Buy a traveler sim card

As soon as you arrive to Europe, remove your sim card from your mobile, pack it and get a traveler sim card. There is no reason for you to pay loads on Roaming fees. In most European cities you can buy a sim card with unlimited local calls, few international minutes and free internet for less than 20 euros.

Search for Banks affiliated with your local bank

If you’re out of cash and you want to withdraw some from your CreditCard, the first thing you should do is Google banks that are affiliated with your card issuer. Most banks usually have a list of their affiliates on their website, all you have to do is check and search on google map for the nearest ATM. This way you will avoid paying extra charges on your cash withdrawal, and you will only pay currency exchange fees.

Eat most of your meals at local restaurants

Personally I daily eat Italian and Arabic food, but  I find eating local food more enjoyable when I am traveling, as I get to experience new tastes and save money in the process. For example If you’re in Spain , Spanish dishes are very delicious and relatively cheaper than the other ones.

Travel in Group

Traveling in group, will save you a lot of money. Instead of paying everything on your own, you will be able to share meals, Airbnb Apartments, and even get a group discount sometimes.

Do more of the stuff that you love

Don’t over plan your trip, and don’t be cheap. If you know how to save money in the right places you will be able to do more of the stuff that you love. This was my take on how to Save Money For First Time Travelers to Europe. Do you have some extra tips? Make sure to share them in the comment box. Have a nice trip!