Beware From Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport’s Taxis

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Beware From Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport’s Taxis, After coming back from my trip to Barcelona, on my way home the airport’s Taxi tried to rip me off;  It was 4 :30 am, and i didn’t want to bother my friends and family to pick me up, my phone’s battery was dead, and i was tired. My home is in the middle of Beirut, 6 min away from the airport. Normally the taxi fare from the airport to Beirut ranges from 10 to 20$.

Taxis at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

I ended up taking a taxi from the airport; The clerk standing on the exit of the airport took my name and address. Then the driver welcomed me and told me that I will be charged based on the counter, which was marking 0 when we took off, but 10 second later the counter jumped to 5$. The driver clarified saying that they usually start wit 4$ but since it’s a holiday they’re starting with 5.

Two minutes later we arrived to the bridge that is right next to the airport,  and the counter was marking 22$. Here is the part where I started screaming and asking the stupid driver to take me back to the airport, which he did. I was screaming at him and his bosses at the airport who said that the ministry of tourism knows about their process and approves it.

Dear Lebanon I am already fed up with the current situation, Lebanon is more expensive than Spain and most of Europe. For example a Simcard, with 3GB of 4G internet, 60min international calls and unlimited local calls ,would cost 15 euro in Spain, where as it would probably cost around 100euro in Lebanon, since the 3GB  of internet alone would cost 27 euro.

I really don’t know why Lebanese are still tolerating all the mess and rip-off. It’s not acceptable for a taxi ride from the airport to Beirut to cost 100$. Anyway I ended up walking 3 min outside the airport and taking a taxi for 10$, around the same price that the counter started with weird right?

I hope that the ministry of tourism solves this mess as soon as possible. And I will be looking forward for their clarification. But until then do not take the airport’s Taxis.

All the comments in this posts represent me and what happened with me last Monday.